Quality Control & Environment Safety

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Quality is an integral part of our production process: fully traceable renewable raw materials, production techniques that comply with standards on processing, purity and environmental protection, and ingredients of irreproachable quality.

These standards are achieved through a Quality Policy aimed at continuously improving product performance, customer service and assistance, as well as the development of company expertise.

Implementation of the Quality Policy is sustained via a Quality Management System that integrates every operational process, from ordering raw materials to the delivery of our products.

To ensure the policy takes full effect, management is assured by different quality control teams whose missions include respectively : managing relationships with our clients, animation and improvement of the quality management systems, maintaining quality management assurance standards at each industrial site, which includes among others, criterions of the processes and products.

Key Values

  • Client satisfaction
  • Continual improvement of the reliability, capacity and efficiency of our processes, our products and our services
  • Marshalling the appropriate resources to ensure quality and security of our products and services.
  • Conforming all our activities to the law and applicable regulations and including our commitment to clients.

Environment Safety

Our care of the environment is rooted in the direct connection between our products and the source of our raw materials: the agricultural environment.
Our strategy is based on research and industrial growth that respects the environment and the surrounding community.
Since 2004 We have obtained its raw materials from renewable and fully traceable natural resources, such as maize, wheat, potatoes and pea.
Its products are naturally biodegradable and in general environmentally friendly. One of the notable characteristics of our business is its full integration into the world of agriculture.